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International Committee

In the face of global competition, states have opened more than 200 export promotion offices worldwide and increasingly conduct a wide variety of exchange programs and other activities. The mission of CSG's International Committee is to track and interpret international trends of importance to state governments. These trends include broad developments in the global economy that impact state governments as well as trends involving specific state international initiatives in trade, education and other key sectors. The committee promotes dialogue on important trends to identify best practices among state international programs. In addition, the committee oversees CSG's wide portfolio of exchange programs, research projects and other international initiatives. The committee is made up of officials from all branches of state government as well as International Partner representatives and CSG Associate members.
Sen. Moises Denis


Sen. Jay Scott Emler

Sen. Gary Stevens


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Mr. Manny Mencia
International Trade & Business Development Division
Vice Chair





State International Development Organizations Inc.

State International Development Organizations Inc., (SIDO) is the only national organization focused exclusively on state international trade development. SIDO helps state international trade agencies better serve American exporters by sharing innovative ideas and resources, developing the skills of state trade professionals, advocating the interests of states in trade promotion, and facilitating multi-state collaboration. State international trade agencies are widely recognized as leaders in innovative, performance-based trade development assistance and export promotion. Physically located in their respective states, international trade staff communicate regularly with constituents, business leaders and international contacts. State international staff work directly with small to medium-sized exporters, providing trusted guidance as they strengthen our economy through exporting. The resources available for international trade promotion and the strategies used to promote these programs vary significantly from state to state. SIDO provides a forum for practitioners to learn from each other and directly impact our local and national economies. Through a close partnership with The Council of State Governments (CSG), SIDO members contribute specialized expertise, information and resources to support the overall goal of promoting state international trade programs. SIDO offers a mechanism by which members can access helpful directories, seek out best practices from other state agencies, expand their international contacts and resources, and utilize a wide array of additional products and services. SIDO also provides a vital forum for bringing issues to a broader, collective audience.
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Andy Karellas
CSG director of federal affairs
(202) 624-5460
Karellas leads The Council of State Governments’ efforts in monitoring federal and international activity and advocating the interests of states to members of Congress, federal agencies, nongovernmental agencies and other stakeholders. He directs the CSG Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, the International Committee and the CSG Legal Task Force, which monitors the activities of the U.S. Supreme Court. Prior to joining CSG, Karellas served as a senior staffer with the House Small Business Committee, focusing on international trade and technology issues. He has also worked as deputy director of government affairs for Aon Corporation in Chicago and as the special assistant to U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.



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